Croatia Travel Guide

Until 1991, Croatia was an integral part of Yugoslavia, even though it was not as isolated as other Eastern Bloc nations, it generally remained from the beaten way for tourists. Today, however, planing a trip to Croatia is not only for adventurous backpackers – in truth, the country is becoming one of Europe’s hottest new vacation spots. This will come as no real surprise: Happen to be Croatia offers the chance to explore the Adriatic coast and the urban places of Zagreb and Dubrovnik, as well as a rich interior that, right now, is still forgotten by many travelers.

Things Never to Miss in Croatia
From seaside resorts to pristine parks and sleepy, atmospheric villages, there are many places to visit in Croatia. Plan your visit with this Croatia travel guide, you start with these can’t-miss sights and towns:

• The Dalmatian Coast
• Diocletian’s Palace
• The Mediterranean city of Dubrovnik
• The beautiful waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes National Park
• The architectural marvels in Zagreb

When to visit Croatia
The Adriatic Coast has a short, expensive peak season in July and August, when the climate reaches its most agreeable. At any other season, you may find steep travel savings, but you will also lose out on the buzzy enjoyment of peak season. From the coast, however, hotel rates are rather constant year-round. Winter once in a while brings snow, though it rarely snows on the coast.
Things to Load up for Croatia
We realize it’s easy to forget things when you’re enthusiastic to go to a new vacation spot, so here are some things you want to make sure you don’t forget to pack for your Croatia street trip.

Sunhat/Cap: The Croatian sun is brutal in the summertime and it is not forgiving to prospects who thought we would walk around with out a hat or good quality sunscreen (you’ll need plenty of it).
Comfortable Walking Shoes: Croatia’s old cities are covered in very slippery cobblestones, so ladies, please leave those cute pumps at home and bring a set of comfortable walking shoes.
Normal water Shoes: Unlike more tropical vacation spots, Croatia does not have many sandy beaches. Most beaches are pebble beaches and engaging in water can hurt without water shoes. Not to mention there are numerous sea urchins over the shores of Croatia.
Beach Towels: You’ll need something to lay down on those not so sandy, rocky beaches.
Action Sickness Pills: There is no way you are passing up on Croatia’s beautiful islands because you get seasick. Load up yourself some movements sickness pills or pressure point wristbands if you aren’t into pills, as those islands shouldn’t be crossed off your Croatia itinerary.
Pool Float: Ok you got us, you don’t need a pool float to travel through Croatia, but having one definitely makes your Croatia itinerary that a lot more fun. Who doesn’t love an attractive floatie while chilling on the beach.
Accommodation in Croatia
You’ll be pleased to know accommodations in Croatia are plentiful. From cheap hostels and apartment renting to luxury hotels, you’ll definitely find something that meets your budget. However, ensure you reserve far in advance as accommodations fill up fast, especially during high season. Trust us, you don’t want to pay 3 x the purchase price for a crappy place, so publication early.

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If you’re going on a budget and rather stay at hostels, Hostelworld is another great option to look for places to remain. Or you can check out our set of the best hostels in Zagreb, Zadar, Divide, and Dubrovnik.

But if you don’t feel like searching through an incredible number of listings, don’t worry. For your convenience, we went in advance and outlined our strongly suggested accommodation options for each and every stop on our Croatia itinerary.