What Is The Best Shapewear To Hide My Love Handles?

What Are Love Handles?

Love handles, haunches, the pieces oily behind your hips. Love handles are a sweet way to describe the irritating piece of your anatomy, right below your waist. Joy grips emerge almost overnight as soon as you reach a certain age – or you had lots of babies!

They’re a pretty complicated body part. Sometimes they don’t appear to be influenced by diet (I know some skinny ladies with love handles), and exercising doesn’t touch them, so they’re not one of the main muscle classes, so you can’t even render them that simple to the tonic.

Dress Well

What you wear helps to conceal the love handles. Many tight pants emphasize them, particularly if the rest of you are more proportionate.

My outfits are tunic tops, drape tops, and stuff I don’t tie to My Waist to cover my love handles (that I have more than a couple of!). I have very slender thighs in proportion to my remaining body, so I remember my bulgy hips when I’m wearing skinny jeans and the top that finishes in my waistline. These days, I’m all for the float!

My Shapewear Rules For Hiding Love Handles

Your love handles are essentially a flesh-over-bone layer. They can only be concealed in one way. And that’s to squash and envelop them in tight cotton! This is the only part of your body for which I suggest-the others require a bit of form and TLC.

To make a big difference, you need Solid shapewear on your love handles. Go to EXTRA FIRM and helps to merge them.

You would even have something protecting your lower hips, bottom, and thighs. If you have squashy bits on your hips, you probably still have some squash on your bottom and thighs. If you wear knicker knees, you will get VPL, no matter how good the form is rendered and finely cut.

Also, I suggest you aim for something HIGH WAISTED. The shapewear will settle and flatten the handles of your love and let’s be honest. When it goes UP, you’ll get some spillage over the surface of the shapewear. And nobody wants that! Nobody wants that! This dilemma can be addressed by high-tail shapewear.

Top Choices For Shapewear To Hide Love Handles

  1. High Fitted Mid Leg Shaper Shorts in Spanx Oncore: They are brilliant at reinforcing love handles. They are extra firm, wide and medium thigh in weight. They manage your curves very well and even do a fine job of slimming and shaping the rest of you (love shaping your bumps on them!).
  2. Miraclesuit Mid Thigh Shaper: These bad guys are Solid. These bad guys. They will really help flatten and firm it all. They are not smooth, but they have such good hold and structure that they are worth a few seams. They even have a cache in the back of your head, which helps to pinch your tail and send you a lot more in and out.
  3. Both in one body shaper, Trinny and Susannah: I love them, as they’re giving your clothes such a clean line. They are extra strong in charge, but they are not as efficient as the Spanx and Miraclesuit. But they are SEAMLESS and have shoulder braces-they are perfect if you find a lot of high-tailed rollers.
  4. Everything in one body shaper outfit, Trinny, and Susannah: These are identical to all in one body shaper of the body. The biggest distinction is the style-the lower portion is a sweater. If you wear a really near mid-length dress, these work well to conceal your love handles and give you a slimmer and closer appearance.
  5. Waistline leggings Miraclesuit Rear Raise & Tight Power: Yes, I know they’re waistline, so don’t fit my rules absolutely. Yet my best friend RAVES this stuff. She has the appearance of a peach and a sleek tail to get away with waistline firmware. She wears this under everything throughout the colder season. She says they’re the best shapewear on her love handles, and we fit beautifully.

I hope this will help you find the right shape to cover your love handles. As always, if you need help in choosing shapes, send a message to me, and I will get some advice back to you. Don’t be afraid, and I’m here to assist.